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How to Join

Joining the Broomfield Composite Squadron in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Attend an Open House

For prospective cadets (youth 12-18), attend our next squadron open house, held approximately quarterly listed on our calendar page.  The open house will be the first of the three meetings required before we process cadet membership paperwork.  Prospective cadets will be assigned to cohorts (class groups) at this time.  Each cohort will participate in specific structured training in the fundamental concepts every CAP member needs to know.

For prospective senior members (adults 18 and up), you will attend three meetings before your application will be processed.  You may, but need not, attend an open house. Email prior to your visit or ask a uniformed member to point you to the commander or deputy commander when you arrive. 

2.  Application process

On your third weekly meeting in your cohort group (second meeting after the open house), you will complete the applicable membership application process below.  Time will be allotted during this meeting for cadet and senior staff to assist you.

Prospective cadets (youth 12-18) and their parents meet with the squadron commander and citizenship / permanent resident status is verified (acceptable documents are on page 3 of the form I-9).  Cadets then complete a simple online application and pay the applicable dues.  When prompted, the three numerical digits of the unit charter number are 099.  The application is then sent to the squadron commander electronically for approval.

Prospective senior members (adults 18 and up) meet with a membership board for a brief interview.  To ensure high standards in our adult leaders, senior members are required to complete fingerprint cards from an approved vendor (currently Identogo or Colorado Fingerprinting) for a fingerprint-based FBI background check.  A simple two page paper application is completed.  The squadron commander verifies citizenship / permanent resident status (acceptable documents are on page 3 of the form I-9) and signs the application, which is sent to national headquarters along with the fingerprint cards and applicable dues.  Processing by NHQ typically takes one to three weeks.

3.  Uniform

Once your application is approved, you will acquire your uniform.  CAP's current official uniform vendor is Vanguard.  Cadets are encouraged to obtain uniforms without delay after approval (Blues uniform and ABU camouflage uniform).  Uniform items are sometimes available in our squadron supply locker (but are usually adult-sized), and new members may visit Vanguard to determine proper sizing before consulting our supply officer.  Any item that we do not have (e.g. name tapes) must  be purchased individually.  Cadets receive a single-use discount or voucher toward the cost of their first uniform(s), based on financial need, when they earn the grade of cadet airman.  See the uniform manual for specifics on uniform wear and what items are necessary for a particular uniform (members need not own every uniform in the manual).

After the initial cohort training has been completed, further training will occur at regular squadron meetings, through online courses, and at organized CAP events and activities.


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