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Useful Resources for Squadron Members

Here you can find commonly used manuals, pamphlets, forms, squadron memoranda, and other materials useful to CAP members.  In addition, here are all current CAP Manuals and Regulations, Pamphlets, Forms.

Resources for All Members

Squadron Organizational Chart (updated 14 APR 24)

Cadet Staff Positions (updated 11 MAY 24) (requires login)

Senior Staff Positions (updated 04 MAY 24) (requires login)

Senior Command and Staff Job Descriptions (updated 21 APR 24)

Eservices (main member portal for most tasks - requires login)

Learning Management System / Cadet Testing / AXIS (requires login)

Email Signature Generator Tool

Squadron Uniform Policy

Cadet Resources

Cadet Promotions Guide with Links

Uniform Manual (CAPR 39-1)

Respect on Display (customs & courtesies - CAPP 151)

Active Cadet Fitness Guide (PT testing - CAPP 60-50)

Drill and Ceremonies (CAPP 60-33)

Drill and Ceremonies Practical Tests (drill test forms - CAPP 60-34)

Cadet Activity Permission Slip (required for each activity for minor cadets - CAPF 60-80)

Cadet Promotions (requires login)

Squadron Attendance Policy

Squadron Uniform Policy

Squadron Cadet Reporting and Requests Policy

Senior Member Staff Officer Resources



Memorandum re Personnel Files

Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education Mission (AE program - CAPR 50-1)

Apply for STEM Kit (requires login/permissions)


Subordinate Entity Logo Generator Tool

Logos and Graphics

Email Signature Generator Tool

Cadet Programs

Cadet Weather Website

Cadet Protection Policy (CAPR 60-2)

Cadet Program Management (CAPR 60-1)


Memorandum template


Radiotelephone Operations (using CAP radios - CAPR 100-3)

Radio Communications Management (CAP radio equipment - CAPR 100-1)

NHQ Communications Website (requires login)

CAP Radio Message Form (CAPF 105)


Financial Procedures and Accounting (CAPR 173-1)

Fund Raising/Donations (CAPR 173-4)

Colorado Wing Check Request Form (for reimbursements - COWGF 173a)


Operation and Maintenance of CAP Vehicles (CAPR 77-1)

Vehicle Inspection Guide and Usage Data (CAPF 73)

Property Management and Accountability (CAPR 174-1)


Memorandum re Personnel Files

Professional Development

Professional Levels (level progress and tasks - requires login)

Learning Management System / AXIS (requires login)

Level 1 Materials

Apply for Air Force SOS / ACSC / AWC Distance Learning Courses (must meet eligibility requirements - requires login)


CAP Flight Management (flying and pilot qualifications - CAPR 70-1)

CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions (CAPR 60-3(I))

Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR - tasks for operations/emergency services qualifications)

Operations Qualifications (request qualification or task entry / upload documents / see missing tasks - requires login)

Public Affairs, Recruiting, and Retention

Brand Portal (logos, logo generator, and usage guidelines)


Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet (for every activity - CAPF 160)

Safety Information Management System - Log a mishap (requires login / permissions)

Safety Information Management System - Log safety education (requires login / permissions)

Civil Air Patrol Safety Program (CAPR 160-1)


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